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About The White Lake PAC

The White Lake Public Advisory Council (PAC) is a formal council of members from throughout the White Lake area that works to provide the public with information, services, and projects which will improve the environmental quality of White Lake and its affiliated watersheds. Through these activities the PAC works to advise agencies, express views and voice the concerns of the local community.

White Lake was designated a Great Lakes Area of Concern in 1985, but was initially low on the state of Michigan’s priority list of 14 Areas of Concern and there were no plans for creation of a citizen advisory group to guide the lake’s cleanup.

In 1992, the Muskegon office of the Lake Michigan Federation (now the Alliance for the Great Lakes) obtained a grant to establish citizen advisory groups for both the White and Muskegon Lake Areas of Concern. The groups were established by a countywide steering committee which solicited membership for representation from individuals and groups in the community, such as business and industry, environmental and conservation organizations, government, and the general public.

The Lake Michigan Federation provided administrative support for the two groups for several years until the Muskegon Conservation District took on the task of providing administrative and technical support, which it continues to do for the White Lake Public Advisory Council.

The PAC meets monthly and its meetings are open to the public. The group also hosts regular public meetings on special issues, topics, and environmental decision-making opportunities.

A primary goal of the PAC is to ensure that White Lake area community members can provide input on activities undertaken as part of the lake’s restoration. Another important goal is promoting environmental stewardship so area residents and visitors can help maintain progress and protect White Lake for future generations.

Community involvement is absolutely essential for restoring White Lake, and fortunately, there has been considerable public attention to its environmental problems. Local citizens have played an invaluable role. We hope you stay involved as White Lake continues to get closer to being delisted as a Great Lakes Area of Concern.

Please feel free to join us at our meetings. Members of the public are always welcome!

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