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About The White Lake Area Of Concern

White Lake is one of 43 Great Lakes Areas of Concern (sometimes called "toxic hotspots") due to industrial and municipal pollution and other problems.

Great Lakes Areas of Concern were identified as part of an agreement between the U.S. and Canada, the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, which directs the two federal governments to work with state and provincial governments to develop and implement special cleanup plans, Remedial Action Plans, to restore each Area of Concern and improve environmental quality across the Great Lakes.

Work has been underway in White Lake for more than two decades to address its environmental problems, termed Beneficial Use Impairments, and restore the lake to a healthy condition.

White Lake is in better health than it has been for decades and is the final stages of a remarkable comeback, due to years of successful partnerships between local, state and federal environmental agencies, and activism and community support for restoration.

The PAC web pages provide information about White Lake’s impairments and what’s been done to resolve them to advance delisting White Lake as a Great Lakes Area of Concern.

Great Lakes Now

Watch the video from Great Lakes Week 2014 about Delisting White Lake AOC.

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