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The success of the White Lake Environmental History Project depends on community involvement! We certainly hope that you can attend one or more of the educational events that are planned. We also hope you will comment on the blog.

Most importantly, we would like you to provide written materials and photos, as well as your memories or your viewpoints regarding the history of White Lake’s pollution and recovery. Please review the rest of this page as it describes the kinds of materials that we would like to receive and how you can submit them.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do contact us.

What We Need

Delivery of Materials to Project

While our first preference is to receive information in a digital format, we will also accept materials that are mailed or dropped off in person to:

White Lake Community Library
Attn: White Lake Environmental History Project
3900 White Lake Drive
Whitehall, MI 49461

With your submission, please clarify if you need the materials returned to you or if you are donating them to the project. We can scan or digitize your materials and return the originals to you if you wish.

If the materials you have are digital, the preferred format for written materials is PDF, although we will accept Microsoft Word files or most any other word processor format. The preferred format for photos is JPEG.

We are working on a method for you to submit your materials electronically via this website. When this is ready, it will be announced.

Other Ways to Be Involved

You may also contribute ideas via the project blog or via the Contact Us form on this website.

Join our email list to keep informed of the project's activities (be sure to select "join email list" from the subject drop-down list).

Please Note

We will consider accepting written accounts or materials from persons wishing to remain anonymous. Contact information and a release form is required, however. To protect those who wish to remain anonymous, we will not identify the person who has contributed materials to the project.

Release Form

As noted a release form is required for all contributed materials.  Please download and complete the release form. This form must be included with any materials delivered to or mailed to the Library and with any materials submitted electronically.

Adobe Reader is required to open and view the downloaded release form. Depending upon your browser, the downloaded release form will either open in a new window or be downloaded directly to your computer. You may then print it and/or save it to your computer.

Thank You

A big "thank you" in advance to all those who contribute time and materials toward this project and project website. Your help continues to be greatly appreciated.

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